Chattanooga Tourism Co. Team

We love Chattanooga. That’s our job. Sounds pretty great, right? The Chattanooga Tourism Co. Team is pretty much super Chattanoogans. We’re armed with the incredible knowledge of our city, an understanding of where to take family when they visit, what to do when you’ve got a group of forty people to entertain for a family reunion and where to stay for the most romantic weekend ever. We’re so passionate about Chattanooga, people say we’re aggressively welcoming. Like there’s something wrong with that. 

We are here to help. Help the quality of life for Hamilton County residents improve by building a better Chattanooga through a healthy, growing visitor economy. Here to help visitors find the best of the best. Here to turn first time visitors into Chattanooga fans. Here to help start-up tourism businesses grow into iconic attractions.

So if you’re a visitor, explore this site and reach out if you’ve got any questions. If you’re a local, learn something new about your city. If you’re a partner, give us a ring and let us know how we are doing and how we can help. We are Chattanooga Tourism Co. and we love Chattanooga!

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