The Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s Cultural Tourism Advancement (CTA) Grant is designed to advance a wide range of tourism-related projects initiated by Chattanooga Tourism Co. partners. Qualifying projects support several objectives identified in the Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s strategic plan, including increasing brand awareness for Chattanooga and driving visitor demand, while aligning with the Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s mission of promoting and developing visitor experiences that enhance the economic and social prosperity of Hamilton County. 

In the summer of 2018, more than 150 stakeholders and community partners provided input for Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s strategic plan to lay out a new mission focused on promoting and developing visitor experiences and identifying top opportunities to become the most competitive and innovative destination organization in the nation. Through the strategic plan, the CTA Grant was created to support mission-focused initiatives and provide opportunities for collaboration and industry growth. The inaugural grant cycle was launched in the spring of 2021, funding 26 local Culture, Heritage & Arts (CHA) partners.  

This year, the Chattanooga Tourism Co. is pleased to announce that 28 local Culture, Heritage, & Arts partners were awarded a total of $605.5K through the second round of the CTA Grant.

Here Are A Few 2022 CTA Grant Recipients and Their Upcoming Projects to Be Looking For:   

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum – Accessibility Improvements  

As part of a multi-year project, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum will enhance its facilities and train operations at the Grand Junction Campus to include multiple mobility access points and improve the visitor experience for those with all abilities. Current access to historic railroad equipment is impacted by physical constraints created by the vintage equipment's design and is exempt from ADA requirements. The construction of multiple boarding ramps, coupled with the use of specific accessible equipment, will lead to a more enjoyable and educational experience for all visitors.  

Davis Wayne's - Intimate Evening Music Series  

Davis Wayne's is a minority-owned business reaching a wide range of diverse local and visiting customers. To offer an enhanced fine dining experience complemented by musical performances, Davis Wayne's will be expanding its footprint and capacity by enclosing a portion of the existing outdoor seating space and reviving its Intimate Evening Music Series. This event series will host concerts featuring local, regional, and national artists with an all-inclusive ticket price covering dining, cocktails, and a musical performance. Once renovations are complete, the Intimate Evening Music Series will be offered bi-monthly. 

Hot Chocolatier – Experiencing Chattanooga Made Chocolate   

After opening in Chattanooga as a unique chocolate shop 13 years ago, the Hot Chocolatier will launch its Experiencing Chattanooga Made Chocolate program with new interactive experiences for everyone. These experiences will include a chocolate bean-to-bar open daily to visitors and educational, hands-on classes. Through these offerings, chocolate lovers will have the opportunity to perfect their chocolate expertise, experience the Hot Chocolatier chocolate process starting from raw cacao, and make their visit to the shop even more memorable. 

Lookout Mountain Conservancy – Wayfinding Signage at Old Wauhatchie Bouldering Park  

Old Wauhatchie Bouldering Park, managed by the Lookout Mountain Conservancy, is a public bouldering area that offers quality bouldering at all grades situated at the base of Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga’s historic St. Elmo neighborhood. The park has 27 boulders open to climbing; all marked with signs along the trail. With more boulders planned for opening in the future, more wayfinding signage through trails and mapping is planned for easy navigation. Additionally, the Lookout Mountain Conservancy will update trail access from the parking lot, including remediation and landscaping to minimize environmental impact.  

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park – Fire Up the Fields  

The Sculpture Fields at Montague Park will celebrate its 6th Anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022, with an explosive art event: Fire Up the Fields. Fire Up the Fields is an all-day, free event featuring interactive art experiences and a celebration of a unique Chattanooga institution. This event will welcome locals and visitors to a performative and vibrant experience featuring local and regional artists, live music and dance, food and drink, and a large-scale sculpture burn to end the celebration.  

The Chattanooga Tourism Co. takes pride in continued collaboration with our Culture, Heritage, & Arts partners to elevate our community by developing and implementing new and enhanced visitor experiences.  

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