The Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s Cultural Tourism Advancement (CTA) Grant is designed to advance a wide range of tourism-related projects initiated by Chattanooga Tourism Co. partners. Qualifying projects support several objectives identified in the Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s strategic plan, including increasing brand awareness for Chattanooga and driving visitor demand, while aligning with the Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s mission of promoting and developing visitor experiences that enhance the economic and social prosperity of Hamilton County. 

In the summer of 2018, more than 150 stakeholders and community partners provided input for Chattanooga Tourism Co.'s strategic plan to lay out a new mission focused on promoting and developing visitor experiences and identifying top opportunities to become the most competitive and innovative destination organization in the nation. Through the strategic plan, the CTA Grant was created to support mission-focused initiatives and provide opportunities for collaboration and industry growth. Since the grant's inception, CT Co. has proudly invested over $1 million in CHA initiatives in Hamilton County. 

Here Are A Few 2023 CTA Grant Recipients and Their Upcoming Projects to Be Looking For:   

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park: Fire Up the Fields 

The burn is back! Fire Up the Fields is a must-see autumnal celebration, combining art, performance, and music for an explosive affair. On October 14, a large wooden sculpture created by Andrew Nigh will be set ablaze, accompanied by performances from local musicians, DJs, and the Chattanooga Fire Cabaret. Local food and drink will be served during this interactive event that will surely set your fall evening ablaze.  

Tivoli Theatre Foundation: New Heights - 2nd Floor Lobby of the Tivoli 

The Tivoli Theater is ascending to New Heights, and to accommodate their spectacular growth, they are adding on to their second-floor lobby. Not only will they be making the second floor more accessible for wheelchairs, they also intend to host educational programs, seminars, and classes featuring their performing arts partners. The additional space will accommodate the increased traffic to the venue, which not only hosts its own programming, but serves as a rehearsal venue for five annual performances by Hamilton County School Theatre departments.  

Houston Museum of Decorative Arts: 50th Annual Antiques Show and Sale 

In February 2024, The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts will host its ‘50th Annual Antiques Show and Sale at the Read House Hotel. Vendors and collectors from all over the country will gather to peruse and hobnob, attending special events throughout the weekend including a Home Design Brunch, on-site antique repairs by a ceramic artist, and an appraisal fair.  

Trust for Public Land: Stringer's Ridge Education and Wayfinding 

Trust for Public Land is partnering with Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors, SORBA Chattanooga, and White Oak Bike Coop to plan and implement major improvements to Stringer's Ridge, on its 10th year of being open to (and much loved by) visitors and locals alike. Stringer’s Ridge will receive updates to its wayfinding and signage system for walking and biking trails, making this incredible nature park more navigable. Additionally, repairs to trails, redevelopment of a native plant area, and the creation of a bike playground are in the works. 

Preserve Chattanooga: Architectural Walking Tours 

Founded in 1976, Preserve Chattanooga is on a mission to protect the architectural heritage of Chattanooga. Their plan this year is to expand and enhance their interactive walking tours through the Downtown Historic District, The Big Nine & Southside Districts, and the University of Tennessee Chattanooga & Fort Wood Districts. They will add photos to their interactive maps and dive deep into researching the hidden history of the beguiling buildings that populate these areas.  

The Chattanooga Tourism Co. takes pride in continued collaboration with our Culture, Heritage, & Arts partners to elevate our community by developing and implementing new and enhanced visitor experiences.  

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