Visitors to Chattanooga, Tennessee, have many options for taking in the sights of this vibrant city: by foot from the top of a mountain, by riverboat tour, by car or by train.

Chattanooga sits at the intersections of I-75, I-24 and I-59. Much of the city’s history relates to the pristine river that runs through it—and today’s exciting attractions and activities lie along the expansive downtown riverfront.

CHA_Hunter Museum 1Downtown is designed to be extremely walkable. Be sure to meander along one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world, which connects the north and south shores, as well as a 13-mile riverwalk. There’s also a free electric shuttle that covers all of downtown and connects to the north shore. The South’s first citywide bike share system is here, with 300 bikes at 35 locations.

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Published in the Augusta Chronicle on December 30, 2018: Written by Zenda Douglas