Join the Climbing staff as we test gear and explore the incredible rock around the capitol of southern climbing: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read more about everything Chattanooga has to offer in our November 2015 issue.

Featuring: Shannon Davis, Julie Ellison, Kevin Corrigan, Andrew Burr, Paul Crème, & Alton Richardson

Produced, Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Alton Richardson; Additional video and editing by Julie Ellison

Thanks to: Max & Dan and everyone at The Crash Pad. Jon and everyone at High Point Climbing & Fitness, Raccoon Mountain Campgrounds, Ryan Litchfield, Todd Clark, & Laban Swaford

Music: "Fallin'" by Jahzzar, "The Wrong Way" by Jahzzar, "Don't Let The Crows Take Your Sight" by Thee Moths, "Unclean Ghost" by El Jesus De Magico (, "2" by The Valleys, "Swimmer's Ear" by Phemale, "Reflections (COG rmx)" by C.O.G., “Silence Loop” by Adam Wrong, & "Blues for John Carter" by Jim McAuley & Scott Fraser


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