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Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains of Southeastern Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga may not be high on the list of continental destinations, but if you love the outdoors, good food, and good beer, it should be.

When choosing a time to visit Chattanooga, any season will work, but the season that works best? Fall. Why?

The biggest reason is that Chattanooga is an outdoorsy city. Many refer to it as the “Boulder of the East,” and they are exactly right — though if you ask native Chattanoogans, Boulder is just the “Chattanooga of the West.” The temperatures in the fall are just about perfect (a high of 83 in September and 73 in October), allowing you to do everything from rock climbing — which the city is known for — to viewing the fall foliage.

We’re pretty big fans of the city and we want you to be, too, so we put together a complete guide on everything you could want when planning either a long weekend or an entire week in Tennessee’s fourth-largest city.

We’ve included both outdoor and indoor activities (in case the weather is terrible while you’re there), alcohol-producing facilities, and bars and restaurants providing locally-sourced small plates, world-famous fried chicken, and locally made beers.

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Published by The Manual on October 8, 2018: Written by Sam Slaughter