As 2018 winds down, 2019 vacation planning for many is already underway! And rightfully so, you’ve worked hard this year and are more than deserving of some well-earned vacation time. For the adventurous travelers among us looking for a new favorite city to explore, we present to you 7 US cities ready to claim their share of the spotlight as top-tier destinations. Be the first of your friends and family to discover some of the hidden urban gems of the United States!

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Trip Advisor_Point ParkThe name “Chattanooga” comes from the Creek Indian word for “rock coming to a point.” This refers to Lookout Mountain, one of the city’s major attractions. Here visitors can explore extraordinary rock formations, see a roaring enclosed waterfall and travel by train to the top of the mountain for truly awesome vistas. Back down on the ground, don’t miss the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, the Tennessee Aquarium. History enthusiasts will love the city’s museums dedicated to Civil War, Native American and 20th-century history. More than anything, Chattanooga is a scenic city, full of natural wonders waiting to be explored by foot, car, bike or train.

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Published by the TripAdvisor Rentals Blog on October 22, 2018