Here's a sampling of some of our favorite songs from some of our favorite local artists. This volume includes a mix of rock, alternative, indie, dance, and a little americana.

1. "Smoke and Ashes"
The Bohannons

2. Creek Gon' Rise
"Rye Baby" 

3. "Spiderwalk With Me"
Genki Genki Panic

4. "Moon Threw The Trees"
Kip Bradley

5. "Camera"

6. "All Shook Up"
Nick Lutsko

7. "Death of Houston"
Dead Testaments

8. "C.H.E.M.ISTRY"
Side Affect

9. "Love You"

10. "Wave"

11. "Corner of Your Eye"
Jamal Traub

12. "Free"
Strung Like A Horse

13. "Don't Wanna"
Summer Dregs

14. "Long Winter"
Danimal Planet

15. "Apple Tree" 
The Mailboxes

16. "You Don't Forget About It"
Big Kitty

17. "Blood Eagle"
Chilhowee Royal

18. "So Far So Good"
Ryan Oyer Band

19. "Hideaway"
Randy Steele

20. "Chattanooga Blues"
9th Street Stompers