Scattered throughout Chattanooga’s streets, you’ll find exciting artwork on almost every corner. The city is filled with 125+ pieces of public art, bringing the sidewalks to life with sculpture gardens, moveable bridges, and Native American waterscapes. As you explore, keep an eye out, have your camera ready, and appreciate Chattanooga’s beautiful aesthetics.


Ross’ Landing
The riverfront and the Tennessee Aquarium are surrounded by art paying homage to the city’s history and river roots. Sing along as you follow the train tracks with the Chattanooga Choo Choo lyrics; take your picture on the waved arches; and overlook the river from the Chattanooga Pier with its seven, 40-foot-tall light masts.

The Passage
The Passage links downtown Chattanooga, the Tennessee River and Native American culture. Marking the beginning of the Trail of Tears, the Passage immortalizes the Cherokee who first lived in Chattanooga. The area is frequently filled with the sounds of children happily playing on the cascading water steps. At the bottom, admire the 14 foot stickball-player artwork and giant water jets shooting streams of water.

Brick Sculptures
Enjoy an ice cream cone on the couch near Ben & Jerry’s; grab an imaginary paddle and steer your rowboat near Big River Grille; or drive the antique truck near the Chattanooga Choo Choo. But keep your eyes open, there’s about seven more throughout the city, just waiting to be discovered.

First Street Sculpture Garden
Starting at the Market Street Bridge, the Four Season statues celebrate the beautiful seasons Chattanooga enjoys. Further uphill, the sculpture garden features artwork with a variety of shapes and raw materials. Upon reaching the top, give the Great Dane a “high four” with your paw. He’ll love the attention. After your climb, stop in at the Ice Cream Show for a sweet treat.

Bluff View Art District
Entering the Bluff View Art District may feel like you’ve stepped into a European neighborhood. Sprinkled amongst the historic buildings, you’ll find hidden artwork while other pieces sit in plain sight. In the center of the district, take an adventure through the River Gallery Sculpture Garden, where sculpted flowers, birds, and butterflies gladly greet you. Afterwards, visit Rembrandt's Coffee House for tasty chocolates or iced coffee.


Coolidge & Renaissance Parks
As you explore Coolidge Park, splash in the interactive fountains and admire the lion, turtle and other animals guarding them. Then, meander the curving pathways to the river and explore Renaissance Park. With its sculpted grassy knolls, the park itself is simply artistic. Bring-your-own-cardboard and try out the sledding hill.

Dance MovesDance Down Frazier Avenue
You put your left foot in, your left foot out, your left foot in, and shake it all about… With these helpful moves embedded in the sidewalk, anyone can learn to dance the Hokey Pokey, the Waltz, the Twist, and more. Just follow the numbered footsteps and you’ll be dancing in no time!


Main Terrain Park
At the Main Terrain Park, climbing art is encouraged. The park boasts a walking track, trapeze-style rings, and other fitness challenges. In the center stands the crown jewel, the moveable bridge. Spin the wheel and the pieces combine to create a physical bridge.

Art on Main
Take a stroll along Main Street and you’ll spot an abundance of artwork. There’s a giant White Oak leaf, a copper party dress, and a chair fit for a giant. The exhibition rotates every two years and features the works of local/regional artists.

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park
Fine art takes on massive scale at Sculpture Fields. The 33-acre park showcases 27 world-renowned, large-format sculptures. With a stunning view of Lookout Mountain, the park is perfect for flying kites, yoga sessions and spending time with your dog.