Band: Birds with Fleas

Members: Matt Siegel (Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar & Keys); Drew Daniels (Drumset); Spencer Karges (Guitar, Vocals); James Skelley (Bass)

Birthplace: Birds with Fleas started in Pembroke, North Carolina. The band moved to Chattanooga three years ago.

Known for: Harmonies and Catchy Hooks

Genre: Indie Rock

Favorite thing about Chattanooga: "The Mountains. There's a reason it's called the Scenic City." - Matt Siegel

Link to Music:

Recommended Tracks:Flat Circles,Pressure,Willows

Upcoming Show:"Wider Seas" Album Release Party, December 12th, Barking Legs Theater, 8pm. Special guest openers fromChillhowie Royaland Beth Ireland.Buy tickets

Music Video:Flat Circles

Background: Birds with Fleas started as Matt Siegel’s solo project in North Carolina. Siegel (originally from Farifax, VA) attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke when he wrote his first album, "The Campfire." When he returned to VA during a summer break, he asked his friend Spencer Karges, the now guitarist, to be in the band because he knew Karges from a high school choir. After a year in North Carolina, Siegel and Karges moved to Chattanooga so Karges could be closer to his girlfriend, now wife. There, they met the drummer, Drew Daniels. The three of them played songs from their original album for a year before writing music for their second album, "Wider Seas." They wanted a more refined sound for the second album, incorporating electronic and rock elements into their new material. Over the span of a few years in Chattanooga, they have continued playing shows and writing music, while also linking up with their bassist, James Skelley. They are releasing "Wider Seas" on Saturday, December 12 at Barking Legs Theatre. Local music critic Joshua Pickard describes this album as feeling "communal and refreshingly devoid of synthetic emotion at a time when the simple act of connecting with your listeners on a personal level has become the exception."