Walnut Street Bridge_Sunset


Add This Hidden Wonder to Your Chattanooga Holiday Bucket List

Escaping holiday to-do lists with some much-needed downtime surrounded by miracles of nature isn’t just a daydream. Luckily there’s a perfect spot where holiday wishes come true just a few minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Head to the mountains, or in this case, deep inside Lookout Mountain to…

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Ask a Local: Jason Bowers

Tell us about yourself. I’m the owner of The Bitter Alibi and The Daily Ration in Chattanooga. I’ve been here 16 years...with a wife, a kid and roots so deep it would be impossible to leave. What are some of your favorite fall and/or winter meals? I can be a basic guy when it comes to the warm…

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Ask a Local: The Chattanooga Elf

Who is the Chattanooga Elf and how did you end up in Chattanooga? I became an official Elf in December of 2017. I asked Papa Elf to assign me to Chattanooga because of the people, the southern hospitality, and the sweet tea. I’m here, trying to make people smile by spreading Christmas cheer…

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Chefs Dish on Holiday Meals

We asked Chattanooga chefs about their favorite memories of holiday meals and how those memories shape their restaurants’ holiday menus today. Michael Price, Whitebird at The Edwin Hotel whitebirdchattanooga.com | Growing up, for Thanksgiving, my favorite thing was turkey and dressing, which was…

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