Area 61 Gallery

From Denice Bizot’s verdigris copper birds to Nadine Koski’s enchanting encaustic bees, nature seemed to leap from the walls of the gallery. Allen Hampton’s life-sized alligator, made from reclaimed metal, peers from beneath a hand-made table. The piece is part whimsy and part menace, with its charming expression and saw-edged teeth. Even the abstract explorations in color by Paul Fontana are drawn from nature, with titles such as “Treeline, Red Rocks, Vine-ripened, and Yellow Dawn. “Nature is a muse for many of our artists, and some infuse materials from nature into their art as well,” Keeli explained.“ Artists see things through a unique lens. Their work stirs up things inside of us that are connected to the natural world.”

keeli crewKeeli Crew | Area 61 Gallery Co-Owner

Visitors to Chattanooga quickly discover why it’s called the Scenic City. From the rolling mountains to the river that winds between them, our city teems with stunning views. With so much natural beauty at every turn, we had to wonder: Does nature inspire the creations of our city’s talented artists? To find an answer, we headed down to Area 61 on Broad Street, where gallery co-owner Keeli Crewe said: “That, is a resounding yes,” and led us on a tour.