10 Local Brews to Sip Around a Campfire

Need local beer advice? Go to the source, right? We asked Tanner Morrison with the BrewChattpodcast — he’s hosted it for 6 years...all about local brews and local people — to suggest some great local brews for the fall/winter months.

“As long summer nights come to a close and the days get shorter, it becomes pretty common-place to find yourself and a few friends huddled around a fire pit,” said Morrison “The only question left to ask is ‘What beer is in your hand?!

Morrison says these local beers “hit just the right spot” when you’re relishing in the warmth of firelight on a smooth fall night here in the Tennessee Valley.

Hutton & Smith

Cruxmus Ale: Coming in hot as one of my all-time favorites on this list and in this city. Hutton & Smith’s Cruxmus is smooth, sweet, and surprisingly mid to light-bodied for a beer packed with so much delectable flavor. You should pick up some notes of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and quite frankly just some straight-up holiday spirit. Expect this one a little later in the fall, and grab it while you can, and hang on tight.

Rocktoberfest: A good lager isn’t a forgiving beer for a brewer. It doesn’t hide off-flavors, and it shouldn’t. A Lager is a beer that’s meant to be crushed. It’s meant to be savored. It is a great style of beer. Hutton and Smith’s Oktoberfest Lager is nothing less of this. It’s an incredible Marzen lager brewed to traditional German-style with perfection and tons of flavor.

Chattanooga Brewing Company 

Winter Warmer: When I first started pondering the best beers for fall fireside chats, this one came to mind immediately. It’s a very malt-forward English Style Festival beer that is a bit milder than your typical Winter Warmer, but doesn’t lack in flavor. It has notes of subtle smokiness, a little nuttiness and a little bit of chocolate on the back end. Go snag a growler of it, and take it to the woods.

Oktoberfest Lager: The Oktoberfest lager at CBC is hands down one of my favorite Marzen style lagers in the ScenicCity, simply for its raw crushability. This Marzen lager is light, malty, and absolutely perfect for sipping in a beer garden or on a camping trip.

Oddstory Brewing Company 

Snake Root: A thick chocolatey robust stout with notes of coconut. It’s a pretty malt-forward stout with a nice smooth sweetness that doesn’t break the bank on its ABV. This is a beer that is packed with flavor, but it’s not going to knock you out. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, but this beer is amazingly effective in balancing its flavors.

Big River Brewing 

Yule Fuel: Roasty and darker than even the coldest of Krampus Nachts, this black lager is a robust excursion into savory holiday flavor. It’s not nearly as full-bodied as its appearance might lead you to believe, which makes it the perfect petrol to put in your tank while enjoying a brisk fall or winter night. 

Naked River Brewing 

Moon Pie Stout: Maybe the heaviest slugger on our list, but it does just fine. This beer is what you wish that s’more tasted like. It’s beautifully heavy and brewed with literally hundreds of pounds of Moon Pies straight from the source. It’s delicious, and it’s exactly what you need on one of our colder fall nights. You know — the ones that dip weirdly low into 38 degrees after a day of 88 and hitting the creek.

Yule Shoot Yer Eye Out: This beer is everything that’s amazing about the holiday season all brewed into one can. With notes of peppermint, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, it’s the perfect beer to stand around the buffet table or a fire. Expect to see it hit store shelves just in time for Thanksgiving festivities. 

Five Wits Brewing 

Alpine Highway: This beer is straight-up amazing with a charcuterie plate. No joke. Just try it. Alpine Highway is a traditional Saison Farmhouse Ale, and depending on what origin story you want to go with, then it could be brewed for the summer or winter months. Farmhouse ales were brewed as sustenance for farmers to subside on from the summer through the cold months. So in my opinion, this is an incredible, lighter option that can still pack a solid 6-8% in the ABV department and really embodies the fall for me.