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ASK A LOCAL - Adera Causey


Adera CauseyWhere do you work?

Hunter Museum of American Art 

What do you do?

Officially my title is Curator of Education which really means that I have a dream job - partnering with so many talented Chattanoogans and impactful nonprofits to create programs and experiences with and for our community. My job is less about telling people how to think or specifically what something means and more about encouraging them to open up their views to expanded ways of seeing and understanding the world and to questioning past assumptions. We offer opportunities for people to gather and connect, to experience performances and insightful discussions by local creatives and grassroots leaders and we hope that after spending time with us they leave us wanting to learn more and get more involved in the many riches of our community. 

What is your favorite thing to do in your down time?

It is a tie between anything I can do outdoors (with so many great outdoor open spaces and such great weather it is a dream city for getting active outside) and any opportunity I have to experience the magic of local performers sharing their extraordinary gifts with the community. 

What Chattanooga experience do you rave about to locals and visitors?

Of course I’ll say the Hunter but besides that and so many of our popular attractions, I’d say the best thing to do is go off the beaten track. Find those hidden spots, those historical markers that offer insight to our storied history (including the problematic parts), find the things that bring you joy and the people that make you smile. Chattanooga can be so many things for so many people that the best thing is that you can always find something new. So go out and find your new fave. Then go back out and find another one.