ASK A LOCAL - Daniel Neuhoff & Sarah Vansandt


Daniel Neuhoff & Sarah VansandtDANIEL NEUHOFF

What do you do for work?

I currently work as an executive assistant for Kim Gavin who owns Needle + Loom, a local fiber arts studio. I am always playing and writing music as well as collaborating with my girlfriend, Sarah Vansandt, on our project Vanhoff. We hope to begin recording demos early this year for an album. 

What do you love about Chattanooga?

I’m an avid runner and enjoy the abundance of beautiful trails, as well as participating in local races such as the Stump Jump and the River Gorge Race. My favorite places to run are the Tennessee Riverwalk and Stringer’s Ridge. 

Why should visitors come back?

There’s always something to do and places to explore. I have lived here my whole life and still find new places and things to do. 


What do you do?

I performed as an actress and stunt woman on Jurassic World Live Tour. We traveled around the country to a new city each week. Now I’m writing music and a novel, as well as working as a personal assistant and taking classes on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and In Design. 

What do you love about Chattanooga?

All of the outdoor activities! I enjoy whitewater kayaking and rafting on the Ocoee River, rock climbing, trail running, and biking along the Riverwalk.