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ASK A LOCAL - Jeremy Wilkins


Jeremy WilkinsWhat do you do?

Events team leader at Rock City.

What do you most love about Chattanooga?

I love the outdoors options in Chattanooga. So many different choices for outdoor activity within a short distance of the creature comforts of both City and rural life is really fun. 

What Chattanooga experience do you rave about to locals and visitors?

Get outdoors! The Chattanooga area has such amazing natural, beautiful and rich scenery. Chock full of interesting art, history, and experience unlike any other place I’ve been. It’s hard to describe, I just highly encourage people to experience it for themselves. 

Why should people return to Chattanooga?

People should return because along with a lot of the classics, there is always something new to experience. A growing city with a lot of natural small-town feel leaves many new and exciting adventures and stories yet to be discovered and shared. 

Favorite local restaurant or food?

Scottie’s on the River!