Immerse Yourself in Chattanooga's Cultural Scene

It is easy to immerse yourself in the arts and cultural scene in Chattanooga. While exploring the city, you will get to see incredible public art scattered along sidewalks and parks, ranging from colorful murals to giant brick trains or couches; hear local musicians performing at farmers’ markets, outdoor festivals, and even restaurants; or take in a live performance at Memorial Auditorium and the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.  

Museums offer a great way to learn more about a city. The International Towing Museum tells the story of how the first tow truck was invented in Chattanooga and the Hunter Museum showcases a unique perspective of what Chattanooga used be like, while also featuring some of the world’s best traveling exhibits.  

There’s never a shortage of opportunities to capture the true spirit of Chattanooga.

Meet Kindora

Chattanooga is filled with extremely talented musicians boasting a diversity of talents and genres.     Meet Kindora. Her voice is clearly identifiable with a sound that mixes pop with R&B.

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Music Legend Markers

Music has long been an integral part of Chattanooga’s rich cultural history and we are honored to have been home to music legends Bessie Smith, “Empress of the Blues,” and The Impressions.

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Public Art Showcase

Public art throughout Chattanooga showcases diverse talents. Learn more and plan your own path to experience art in Chattanooga.

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Big Screen Highlights

The camera has been loving Chattanooga just AS much as we do! Recently, film crews from nationally recognized television shows have been filming in our city to feature our wild outdoor adventures, delicious cuisine, and some of the must-dos in the Scenic City.

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Landmarks THEN and NOW

Chattanooga looks a teeeny bit different than it did back in the day. We looked through our own files and partnered with the Chattanooga Historical Society (Picnooga) and Sam Hall of Chattanooga History to showcase what the city looked like THEN compared to what it looks like NOW. It is interesting...

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Memorial Auditorium Lineup

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation BROADWAY series will be held at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium while the historic Tivoli undergoes a $52 million renovation and expansion (completion in 2024).

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