Grab Some Official Chattanooga Swag from the VisitChatt Store

Take a little piece of Chattanooga home with you by grabbing some cool new gear from the official merch store of Chattanooga. 

Gray Chattanooga T-Shirt 

These unisex adult size “Chattanooga” T-shirts are super comfy and just keep getting better and better with every wash. This heather gray, or blue, looks great with dress shoes or flip flops. 

gray shirt reads CHATTANOOGA

Widemouth Water Bottle 

Sometimes you just need a water bottle. Something to carry liquids while you’re out doing the stuff you do. We put our Chattanooga logo on it. You can put stickers on it, too. 

person holds CHATTANOOGA water bottle at overlook

Chattanooga Dog Bowl & Leash Combo 

Keep your best friend safe and secure on the trails with this portable silicone doggie bowl and 72-inch leash combo. Great for traveling and hiking on the trails. 

Chattanooga Leash and Water bowl

“Chattanooga” Exclusive Candle 

We partnered with local Divine Purity on this exclusive “Chattanooga” candle. The fragrance captures the aromas of the mountain air & blooming trees. 

Chattanooga candle with river, bridge, and Hunter Museum in background

Youth T-Shirt 

These youth shirts are the same color and super comfy blend as the adult "Chattanooga" T-Shirts - but smaller. The whole family can wear a matching outfit now. 


Store_Youth Shirt

Onesie for the baby 

These simple, lightweight unisex Rabbit Skin onesies come in heather gray. They come with a stretchy, ribbed neck for easy on/off. Get one for big brother and sister, too. 

Chattanooga Onesies

Canvas Tote Bag 

The official 15x16, super soft "Chattanooga" tote tells others, "I think about sustainability, but I'm also keen on Chattanooga, too." They are sturdy enough for books or picnic-in-the-park. 

Chattanooga Tote

Pint Glass 

Chattanooga’s craft beers deserve their own pint glass. Grab a few and fill them with delicious local brews from places such as Hutton & Smith, Odd Story, and Naked River. 

Chattanooga Pint Glass

Chattanooga Plushie Gang

Meet Ridge the Raccoon, Lula the Unicorn, Ross the Duck, and Frazier the Frog! Get to know these cute and cuddly Chattanooga ambassadors at our swag store.

Official Chattanooga Plushies - stuffed raccoon, unicorn, duck and frog

Zippered Hoodie

We may be a “casual” city — our reputation as CHACOS wearers is deserved — but that doesn’t mean you have to be schlubby. This unisex Chattanooga hoodie is the perfect transition piece for those crisp fall days and cool winter nights.

Man sits in Cooper's Alley wearing Chattanooga Zippered Hoodie

Cork Bottom Tumbler

My spouse hates it when I drive to work with a steaming hot cup of coffee in an open mug. "You'll burn yourself and spill it everywhere," she says. And, to her credit, I do. But not since I got this 16-oz. black tumbler with the gold "Chattanooga" logo. It's the perfect vessel for my hot morning beverages.

Chattanooga Cork bottom tumbler and white canteen water bottle

Visit Chattanooga Official Online Store

One Stop Shop for Everything Chattanooga! Get your official Chattanooga gear here.

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