Celebrate Culture and Heritage

Chattanooga's Culture, Heritage and Arts Fill the Streets

Chattanooga's rich arts scene is second to none. Take in one of the nation's largest collections of American art, discover galleries filled with local works by emerging artists, take a selfie at an outdoor sculpture field with massive sculptures, or hang out at festivals celebrating Chattanooga's music history. You may even create your own masterpiece inspired by the Scenic City!

Comedy is Hot in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a funny name for a city. Go ahead, say it slowly … “Chat-A-NOOGA.” So, it’s no surprise that this city is home to a rich stand-up comedy scene. Or maybe that does come as a surprise. 

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Nightlife Lights Back Up

Chattanooga’s music culture is thriving. And there are plenty of places to enjoy live music. Whether your thing is soulful singer/songwriters, classic rock n’ roll, jazz, hip hop, or dance parties, there’s a music venue for you to experience in Chattanooga.

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History for Party Talk

We’ve all been at a party and there’s always that guy who seems to know a little bit about everything. Not a lot about everything, but just a little bit about all things. Or that’s how it seems. And that guy is annoying, right? This is your ammo for that guy. Here, we offer brief,...

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Chattanooga's Hidden Gems

Did you know that Chattanooga is home to the only international towing museum in the world? Or that just 10 minutes from downtown, you can find a 300-acre oasis that is part public park, part nature center, and part wild lands?

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