Explore Chattanooga’s Uniqueness Through Art 

Chattanooga is home to incredibly talented artists that create visual experiences woven throughout the community. Explore unique sculptures, beautiful murals, interactive art, and important historical pieces such as the Ed Johnson Memorial. 

Latinx Centre Mural 

by Alex Loza 

LaPaz Chattanooga in the Downtown District 

Ed Johnson Memorial 

by Jerome Meadows 

Walnut Street Bridge near The Edwin Hotel 

“Spirit Liberator” 

by the Artist Seven 

Wheelhouse in the Southside District 

“We Shall Not Be Moved” 

by 85 students from The Howard School and STEM School with lead artists Amanda Brazier, Rondell Crier, and Judy Mogul 

Champy’s World Famous Fried Chicken in the Downtown District 

“Arriving Home” 

by Dennis Oppenheim 

Miller Plaza in the Innovation District 

“A Place in the Woods” 

by Robert Stackhouse and Carol Mickett 

Renaissance Park in the North Shore District 

Umbrella Alley 

West Village in the Downtown District 

Blue Harpist 

by the Artist Seven 

Brainerd Road at the McCallie tunnel 

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