Where to Eat Now

Over the past couple of years, Chattanooga's food and beverage scene has exploded with new breweries, bars, and innovative ways to serve cocktails. Check out the diverse Chattanooga restaurants and local watering holes that will tempt you with delectable delights of every food origin. Get out there and meet a chef, farmer, or mixologist.

Open Air Dining

Spring is here and we can get back to enjoying the perfect combination of open-air dining with the incredible tastes of Chattanooga. Check out these wonderful restaurants that offer great spaces to bask in the sun while sipping on a cold iced tea or frothy beer. 

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Chattanooga Cocktails

It’s time to put away the spiked hot cocoa and start enjoying those refreshing floral sips again. From frothy beers to mead, we have rounded up a few of the best spring-inspired cocktails for you to toast the warm months ahead. 

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How Food Builds Community

Here are a few of our favorite locally owned and operated restaurants that are sharing their culture on a plate. 

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