Scenic City Warms Up with Spring & Summer Fun

Ahhhhh, warm weather is finally here again! The Scenic City is located on the banks of the Tennessee River and surrounded by mountains, naturally connects outdoor adventure with a vibrant and laid-back metropolitan area. 

Need to get the kids out of the house? Bring them here. Spring Break is all about them. Have that hot-summer-day urge to be submerged in water? We know the best swimming holes and waterfalls. Ready to get out on the town? We can show you the best places to eat right now and where to watch a show. Depending on your style, we've handpicked some sweet spring and summertime adventures just for you.

Spring Break Safari

During Chattanooga’s Spring Break Safari, the city is transformed into a place where kids can explore the world with lots of hands-on activities designed just for them. Ten of Chattanooga’s attractions are offering special spring break experiences where kids can be Cave Explorers,...

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Spring Break Safari Scavenger Hunts

As a part of Spring Break Safari, families can discover more about Chattanooga on an exciting Scavenger Hunt at each of the Spring Break attractions as well as four downtown districts. Solve the clues together and if you get stuck, you can ask someone at the attraction or check out the answers at...

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Top Chattanooga Summer Activities

Ah, TripAdvisor. The go-to resource for visitors to find the best activities an unexplored town has to offer. Check out these unique and exciting TripAdvisor recommended must-dos in Chattanooga, like glass blowing, helicopter touring, and ghost walking. 

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Navigating Chattanooga with a Dog

One of the things that makes the city so great is how dog friendly it is. Moving to Chattanooga inspired me to adopt my first dog. My favorite Chattanooga days always involve something outside, craft beer, and food. Any combination of the following stops will leave you (hopefully) with a full...

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Bragging Rights

“There are so many things to do in Chattanooga, an eclectic, outdoorsy city on the banks of the Tennessee River, that a trip here can go adventurous, romantic, artsy, kid-friendly—you name it—depending on how you plan your getaway.” 
-Southern Living