Rest Your Head

All-Day Adventures Lead to Fluffy Pillows

After a day of adventuring, head to your home away from home before getting back out to enjoy Chattanooga's nightlife. Chattanooga's accommodation offerings are as diverse as the variety of experiences. Stay in luxe properties with hidden speakeasies and rooftop bars; family-friendly places with indoor and outdoor heated pools; cozy B&B's and cottages high atop bluffs and mountains; unique short-term rentals; and at the best spots to rest your head with incredible views.

Best Camping Spots

Perhaps one of the best ways to become immersed in the great outdoors is to connect with nature while you sleep under the beautiful night sky. Here are a few of the best campsites 30 minutes or less from downtown Chattanooga offering RV and a variety of campground and backcountry camping...

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Unique Places to Stay

Staying at a unique place while on vacation adds a certain charm and turns your stay into an experience. The Scenic City offers unique lodging options ranging from yurts and cabins to luxury boutique hotels. Here are just a few of the most interesting places to spend the night in Chattanooga. 

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NEW Places to Rest Your Head

Over the past couple of years, Chattanooga opened many new accommodations throughout the Downtown, Hamilton Place, and surrounding areas. Rest your head at some of the coolest new places to stay in Chattanooga including luxury properties, riverfront cabins, hidden bungalows, and more. 

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Bragging Rights

"With laidback charm to burn and prices that are sure to make any value-minded traveler happy, this easygoing southern city should be on your must-visit list, especially if you love high-end travel at budget prices."
-Shermans Travel