Green Initiatives: Chattanooga's Commitment to Sustainability

Chattanooga was first galvanized to address environmental issues in 1969 when the federal government designated Chattanooga as one of the "dirtiest cities in America." Since then, locals and residents have made environmentally conscious choices at every opportunity, including 30+  LEED Certified buildings and more bragging rights below!

Chattanooga Airport. First LEED Platinum Certified Aviation Terminal

The Chattanooga Airport has a substantial sustainability program including a 2.73 megawatt solar farm, LEED certified facilities, and the world's first LEED Platinum Certified aviation terminal.

Convention Center's Day Lighting

The Chattanooga Convention Center was the first Center in the nation to incorporate the sophisticated “day lighting” technology in the exhibit halls, which allows natural sunlight to filter in through 30-foot ceiling openings and complement the building's artificial light.

Free Electric Shuttle Downtown

CARTA provides a free electric shuttle for transportation throughout the downtown district.

Community Bikeshare Program

Bike Chattanooga introduced a Bike Share Transit System with 400 bicycles and 40+ stations throughout the downtown area.

Farm to Table in Chattanooga

Locally sourced is just the way of life for many favorite restaurants in Chattanooga that offer farm-to-table services with locally grown fruits and vegetables and locally produced breads, pastries, and meats.

The Tennessee Aquarium is a Leader in Conservation

The Tennessee Aquarium's conservation efforts include recycling, composting, energy-efficient appliances, and reusing water in some exhibits. In 2016, the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute opened to serve as a freshwater field station for scientists and students alike. The new facility is LEED-certified and includes the expansion of existing wetlands adjacent to the site, landscaping with native plants found in the Tennessee River Gorge, and gathering rainwater from the roof in a 6,000-gallon cistern to supply grey water for reuse in the building.

Ruby Falls Award, First in the U.S.

Ruby Falls was the first U.S. attraction to become Green Globe certified and has received Green Globe's Sustainable Leadership Award

Rock City's Holistic Sustainability 

Rock City Gardens is committed to the pursuit of a holistic approach to sustainability by focusing on reducing water use, energy use, and waste creation.

Net-Zero Conferences in Chattanooga

Working with green|spaces Green Light Conference Package and EPB’s Solar Share offset program, Chattanooga hosted it’s first net-zero conference in October 2019 with the International Placemaking Week