Become a Chattanooga Sports Volunteer

As a Chattanooga Sports Volunteer, you’re part of a family. Like your fellow volunteers, you’re probably an active Chattanoogan who enjoys our outdoors and all our town has to offer. You love to share it with others, and you’re rewarded when out-of-towners find our city as cool as you do. Volunteers are the backbone of our community, and we hope you’ll join our sports family.

Chattanooga Sports supports the success of over 90 different events across 35 sports annually. Cheer from the sidelines with us in your neighborhood at the Chattanooga Marathon. Get water into the hands of that IRONMAN who was losing hope until they saw your smiling face. Be present so that a high school student’s last championship game is one they’ll never forget. Share your favorite restaurant recommendation with that soccer mom of three boys that needs to find a quick, good option before their next game. Meet that superstar athlete that you just can’t wait to tell your friends about. You can be a part of this excitement by becoming a volunteer!

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