What does it take to become a Chattanooga champion?

A Chattanooga Champion is defined as an individual, group, or corporation with qualities of character, discipline, skills, and generosity necessary to generate and keep increasing the positive impact of hosting successful sporting events within our community. 

Joining this team can be achieved by volunteering your time, investing as an individual, or becoming a corporate partner.  Are you a Chattanooga Champion?

Volunteer Champion

As a Chattanooga Sports Volunteer, you’re part of a family. Like your fellow volunteers, you’re probably an active Chattanoogan who enjoys our outdoors and all our town has to offer. You love to share it with others, and you’re rewarded when out-of-towners find our city as cool as...

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Individual Champion

Interested in exclusive Chattanooga Sports merchandise and a tax-deduction from your investment? Invest $125 to the Chattanooga Tourism Foundation (501c3 support organization for Chattanooga Tourism Co./Chattanooga Sports) and you will receive exclusive merchandise (value of $50) with a $75...

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Corporate Champion

Maximizing the economic and social prosperity of sport in Hamilton County takes a team. When you become a Corporate Champion, your investment helps define the experience associated with who we are as a community.

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