Join us as we follow Katelyn and Katelyn as they train for the 2019 Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon and the 2019 Little Debbie IRONMAN. Katelyn Newsome has never done a triathlon, let alone an IRONMAN and Katelyn Carlson has never participated in a marathon. Both ladies are stepping out of their comfort zones and embarking on a journey they've never experienced before. Read below to get to know them and follow along on their journey!

December 2018

We have come to an end of another month of training! December came with holidays, setbacks, rest, and important lessons learned. We both went home for the holidays. Home for KC is in Ringgold, GA and home for KN is Nagoya, Japan. I (KN) went home for 2 and a half weeks and enjoyed time with my whole family and a break from the daily grind. I (KC) went home for a few days got some good rest and caught up on some reading. The first half of December we trained together, the second half we got to train some with our dads who joined in on some of the fun.

My (KN) dad is super active and bikes the mountains in Japan regularly so he had a nice route up his sleeve to start my trip off right. We went for a 60 miler over up and over two mountains the morning after I got to Japan. I was literally exhausted. My dad can really get it on the bike! The thought running through my mind after the ride was “why the hell did I sign up for this”? This mindset stayed with me for a good bit of the month. The rest of the month I didn’t get to train much after finding out that I most likely have collapsed arches that make running long distances really painful. My brother, who is studying to become a chiropractor, advised me on some ways to combat this problem but my training mostly halted for the rest of my time at home.

I (KC) also incurred an injury this month that really altered my training schedule. I learned from my mom, a physical therapist, that tightness in my IT Band was causing my kneecap to be pulled out of place. I tried different strengthening exercises in hopes of getting it back up to speed, but with no avail. I changed up my training to only involve swimming and strength training with a lot more stretching- something I hate with a passion (also something I am learning I can’t train without). I will keep this up for part of January so I can have a little more time to heal up.

In some of my (KC) time during the holidays I read up a lot on nutrition and consulted a few friends on endurance athlete eating. I knew from my 70.3 that it plays a huge part in performance but I just ate healthy and called it good enough. When switching from eating terribly to eating cleanly and more, it felt like I accomplished all that I needed to. But the 140.6 is a whole different ball game. I still don’t fully understand all that I feel I need to in order to be fueling my body like it needs but I will update you more as I learn.

Together we learned that having a long run and a long bike on back to back days is really hard and not smart. So in planning for the new year we will be reassessing schedules and how we can train smarter to let our bodies recover in between hard sessions.

December also brought unpleasant weather here in the Chattanooga valley. We spent many of our early month training sessions in the rain and cold. Our most memorable one was a trail run up on the Bluff Trail behind Covenant College. It was foggy, raining, and 39 degrees. Delightful! Our bodies were totally numb and soaked through. It took us over an hour to thaw out.

We tried the Master’s swim class at the beginning of the month and for me (KN) it was super helpful in correcting my stroke and helping me better understand swimming for competition. For me (KC) it flipped everything that I did and I knew on its head and slowed me down. I left a little frustrated but have gotten back to what I know and feel back on track.

We are hopeful for the new year and applying what we have learned this month. We know we have a long road ahead of us but we are ready to take on 2019!

- KC & KN