Join us as we follow Katelyn and Katelyn as they train for the 2019 Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon and the 2019 Little Debbie IRONMAN. Katelyn Newsome has never done a triathlon, let alone an IRONMAN and Katelyn Carlson has never participated in a marathon. Both ladies are stepping out of their comfort zones and embarking on a journey they've never experienced before. Read below to get to know them and follow along on their journey!

February 2019

Month 5 is down, 7 more to go! We left you in the middle of our fight against different injuries we were facing so we will start with those. I (KC) ended up in Shawn’s office for a massage session for my IT band and knee pain. It wasn’t as painful as my adductors were last time I do have to say, however it was still painful. I have not been running still but I have been able to join for spin classes at the Y to get back into biking a little bit. We have mainly picked up the Tuesday evening class at the downtown YMCA. The 5:30 class with Kelly is where it is at!

I (KN) still can’t run on my foot but I plan to see my orthopedist first of March to get some advice. In the time I can’t spend running, I have joined up with the Master’s swim class at the YMCA for the foreseeable future to correct my stroke. I have really enjoyed it do far; I’ve seen a lot of improvement and am starting to feel more comfortable in the water!

Our time at the Y has not been all fun and games though. I (KN) was waiting in my car for KC to get there and had my music playing while my car was not started but not off. When she got there I forgot to turn it off so my car was dead when we came out. If you have never been to the downtown Y, I was parked facing a 20 foot ditch and in between two parked cars. We were assessing the situation and what to do when we see our friend coming through the parking lot. No, we are not making this up, and yes we do know other people without our same name, but our buddy Kate was headed out of the gym so she helped us roll the car backward so we could get it jumped off.

I (KC) started a new job this month with the Chalmers center in town and have found myself having to reconfigure my schedule quite a bit. No more midday workouts or morning CrossFit Conditioning. This has been a difficult transition into what my parents would call “a real job” as most of my other jobs have been me as my own schedule maker. But as with most things, it can be worked through and will just take some time to get used to.

This month we both fell off the bandwagon with nutrition and drinking. We ate pizza and sweets and other delightful things. We celebrated several things this month with beers and wine and enjoyed each and every one of them. But we are already coming back down to earth and cutting what has to go. It's incredible how much of a difference it makes when you put clean food and drink into your body- especially before hard sessions. The things that feel like a forfeit are more of a gain than you realize in the beginning of training.

I (KN) am bowing out of the Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon for March because of my foot but I will be cheering on all of the participants with the Chattanooga Sports Ministries kiddos. I (KC) will be taking on the half marathon because of my knee but I am hoping for a low pain day. We will catch up with you in a month!