Nothing says it’s summer like spending all day at the ball field eating Cracker Jacks and nachos while hearing the crack of the bat in the background. It’s no secret that Chattanooga is a city deeply rooted in the sport of softball. From hosting five USA Softball National Championships over the last 10 years to the thousands of athletes who play at the city’s outstanding facilities each season, Chattanooga bleeds the sport of Softball. 

Chattanooga’s Frost Stadium will host the USA Softball Women’s National Team on April 7th at 6:30 pm in a game against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Softball Team. The game is sold out, but the excitement around USA Softball in Chattanooga will continue throughout 2020.

Why Chattanooga? 

The relationship Chattanooga has with softball is evolving. What started as an adult-heavy sport in the city eventually became a large investment into the arena of competitive youth softball. For many years, Chattanooga has been known as the capital of girls fast-pitch softball in the Eastern United States. The Chattanooga Sports Committee has a long-standing relationship with USA Softball that's led to many great opportunities for the city and its players. Chattanooga is a pit stop (and a proud one) on the “Stand Beside Her” tour for the USA Softball Women’s National Team (WNT) making this the 3rd time an exhibition game has been hosted here. 

What is the “Stand Beside Her” tour?  

The Stand Beside Her tour is making stops in over 30 cities around the country as a series of training opportunities for the WNT ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The message of the tour encourages fans worldwide to stand in support of the WNT on their journey to the Olympic Games, but more importantly, evoking a powerful message of unity aiming communities to stand beside the generation of future female athletes.  

Attend the game  

The WNT will be taking on Chattanooga Softball at Frost Stadium. Dubbed “The Stadium of 1,000 Dreams,” Jim Frost Stadium was created as a place to showcase talents of thousands of young women who dream of softball glory.  

With local expertise and amazing facilities, Chattanooga maximizes the experience of softball at every turn. On April 7th, will you “Stand Beside Her” and watch Chattanooga Softball take on the USA Softball WNT? Click here for more info on the tour! 

You can continue to support USA Softball in Chattanooga by attending the USA Softball 16U National Championship in July!