Spring in Chattanooga 

Where Road Trip Dreams Come True

Ahhhhhh, Spring! With longer days, flowers beginning to bloom, and warming spring temps approaching, it’s the perfect season to get outside. Pack up the car and head to Chattanooga for an easy, close-to-home road trip to one of the nation’s most charming river AND mountain cities.

Where to start your Chattanooga Spring fun? 

Downtown Chattanooga, of course! There’s so much to do downtown and all around the city (if you havvvvve to leave your cozy cabin) – exploring neighborhoods, discovering natural wonders, eating some of the South’s best culinary delights, and going on a Spring Break Safari and Scavenger Hunt! That should put a little spring in your step! To get the most out of Spring in Chattanooga, be sure to check out all our spring pages linked at the top of this page.  

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