Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium

See for yourself why visitors rate it as the No. 1 Aquarium in the country for guest satisfaction

See for yourself why visitors rate it as the No. 1 Aquarium in the country for guest satisfaction

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Spring Break Safari: Tennessee Aquarium

What if you could … 

... be a Global Explorer at the Tennessee Aquarium and meet animals from every continent, including toothy South American Piranhas, stretchy Australian Snake-necked Turtles, colossal Japanese Giant Spider Crabs and many more? 

Island Explorer-HeaderBe a Global Explorer

Friday, March 8 - Sunday, April 7, 2024

This spring, take your family on a world-spanning adventure without leaving the Chattanooga Riverfront. As you venture through the River Journey and Ocean Journey buildings, you’ll meet furry, scaly, and feathered animals from all seven continents! 

Did you realize Chattanooga sits at the heart of an underwater rainforest? Almost three-quarters of all fish species in the United States are found within 500 miles of the Scenic City, but unless they’re putting their head under the surface, most people have no idea how special this region’s waterways really are. 

In the all-new Ridges to Rivers gallery, the latest addition to the Tennessee Aquarium, guests get below-the-surface perspectives on the amazing freshwater life found in creeks and streams that often flow just a stone’s throw from their backdoors. From neon-colored Saffron Shiners and Tennessee Dace to the astounding nest building of Stonerollers, the exhibits in Ridges to Rivers offer unique views of species and behaviors without the hassle of donning a snorkel and mask. 

What Aquarium visit would be complete without laying fingers on the back of a living fossil? Before departing Ridges to Rivers for the swampier climes of the Delta Country gallery, guests can touch Lake Sturgeon in a completely renovated exhibit featuring a much larger footprint, not to mention an Instagram-ready bronze sculpture of these ancient river giants. 

After an Aquarium adventure filled with amazing animals — from otters and sharks to penguins and alligators — and with their Ridges to Rivers activity book in hand (while supplies last), visitors can pop over to the IMAX 3D Theater for a screening of Serengeti. This new giant-screen adventure explores the teeming wilds of one of Africa’s seven natural wonders.


  • Hours: 10 am-6 pm 

  • Tickets: All tickets are timed entry. Purchase tickets in advance online here.  

  • Cost: $34.95 Adults, $21.95 Children, Ages 2 and under are free.   

Details subject to change. Check the website for the most current information and all Tennessee Aquarium spring happenings! 

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