Chattanooga Zoo

Home to over 500 animals and 200 animal species, the Chattanooga Zoo is where to find adventure. And animals. Lots of animals. Get face-to-face with a Jaguar (behind the glass of course...we’re not animals), ride a camel, or hang out with the newest friends of the Chattanooga Zoo - giraffes. They’ve expanded. See what we did there? If crawling through a jungle just sounds like a bunch of mosquito bites and up-close encounters with not-so-friendly...well, friends then you should definitely spend a day exploring the Chattanooga Zoo. With shaded trails and indoor exhibits, it doesn’t matter when you choose to embark on your safari – even the deserts of the zoo will be cool. So, don’t sweat it. 

If you want to get wild, the Chattanooga Zoo offers behind the scenes tours where you can interact with some of the most fascinating animals in the world. Yes – the world. From Red Pandas to the Komodo Dragon. Don’t worry, it can’t breathe fire. You can even learn from the zookeepers and educators about the animals and the conservation efforts made daily by the Chattanooga Zoo. And you can rest easy knowing that 10% of your admission ticket goes directly to the Zoo’s conservation partners. You can also upgrade your ticket to get a guided tour around the Chattanooga Zoo like the VIP you know you are. The tour offers animal feedings, meet and greets, and chats with the zookeeper. I mean who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with the second largest tortoise species in the world? It sounds turtle-y amazing. 

After all the monkeying around, you’ll want to eat. Serving gourmet burgers and hand-breaded chicken tenders among other things, you’ll want to check out the Chattanooga Zoo’s premier restaurant, Wild Burger. This way you never have to leave!