Getting to Chattanooga

Sporting events in Chattanooga enjoy large participation numbers because of the city's central location in the Southeast. Chattanooga is within 150 miles of 14 Million people and within 250 miles of 27 million people. Additionally, an easy and close airport makes traveling in by air a breeze.

Regional map shows Chattanooga's location compared to Atlanta, Brimingham, Nashville, and Knoxville

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Traveling by Car

There are three major highways that merge in Chattanooga, I-24, I-75, and I-59.  Residents of Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, and Huntsville can drive to Chattanooga within two hours.

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Traveling by Plane

The Chattanooga airport is just 15 minutes from Downtown Chattanooga and only a few minutes from Hamilton Place Mall.  This airport is easy and quick with professional service to match.  The airport has direct flights to eight cities and one-stop service to 1,000 cities

Getting Around Chattanooga

Chattanooga has many ways of getting around without needing a vehicle. First, Chattanooga is a very walkable city with a compact downtown with restaurants, attractions, and things to do around every corner. But, if you need more mobility, there are plenty of options.

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Take the Free Shuttle

CARTA’s Free Electric Shuttle operates Downtown and connects the heart of the Downtown Riverfront and Aquarium to the Northshore and Southside by the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Shuttles run as frequently as every five minutes.

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Rent a Bike

Bike Chattanooga is a unique and fun way to get around town. You can rent one of the 400 bicycles (including e-bikes) from any of the 40+ stations around Downtown Chattanooga.