Sports Venues

Chattanooga was made for sports. We have innovative venues we built from the ground up. Acres of perfect mounds where multiple softball or baseball games take place at once. Stadiums surrounded by all the amenities – restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. Collegiate arenas calling for championships. Plus, our natural wonders will make you want to get up and get out there. A raging river perfect for Olympic white-water rafting. Calmer water that’s ideal for championship fishing, rowing and swimming. Hills and valleys that punish and forgive the marathoner. Cliffs and crags that climbers won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Now, let's get real about the square footage, spectator seats and grass blades. Chattanooga Sports can accommodate events from outdoor adventure to hosting a football game with 20,000 spectators. Check out the specs of our venues below to see how we can accommodate your event and click here to “Chatt” with our Chattanooga Sports Team.