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Chattanooga Sports Team

Brant Donlon Sports Business Development Director

A man with many passions, especially all things sports and weather. I wear my novice weather expert badge proudly! I’m also a lifelong athlete and YMCA pick-up basketball hall-of-famer. Working for Chattanooga Sports for 6 years, so far, the biggest job perk was at one of our 70.3 IRONMANs - hanging out with Brett Favre, one of my all-time favorite athletes. My favorite teams include the Braves, Packers, Predators, and Lakers (who my wife and I named our son after). Yes, that’s right. My wife let me name our son Laker. “A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it.” - John Candy, Cool Runnings

Cassidy Brinkley Sports Event Operations Director

Growing up playing sports I was never the most competitive athlete, but I loved the team dynamic and special bond I created with my teammates. I never dreamed a career in sports would present itself as an opportunity for me, but I'm never looking back! Since then I have worked with a pro soccer team, directed youth and adult soccer tournaments all over the Southeast, and in my current role manage and support over 100 events in the Chattanooga area annually alongside the Chattanooga Sports team and our community partners! I am passionate about sports tourism and the positive impact sporting events have on our community. I can't wait to see what else is in store!

Tim Morgan Chief Sports Officer

“Controlled passion drives success” is my motto. An outgoing personality, strong work ethic and determination on relationship development are strengths that have helped me navigate the sports tourism industry for more than 15 years. Working for the Carolina Panthers earlier on in my career amplified my excitement for football; however, it has been a joy to continuously experience the passion people have for all sorts of amateur sports. I have learned to speak the languages of many different sports from table tennis to IRONMAN. I can even converse in the dialect of Modern Pentathlon…ever heard of this sport? Whether it’s to chat unique sports or your next great event, I’m game. ROLL TIDE.