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Chattanooga Music Census

The Chattanooga Music Census is officially closed, but the work continues. Read the results and find survey data below.

2022 Chattanooga Music Census Summary Report

This summary report for the public has been prepared by Sound Music Cities and includes key findings and recommendations to guide immediate longer-term strategies for the music community, municipal partners, and civic partners.

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About the Chattanooga Music Census

The 2022 Chattanooga Music Census was administered by Sound Music Cities, a provider of music ecosystem studies and music census works, in conjunction with the City of Chattanooga, Chattanooga Tourism Co., Lyndhurst Foundation, ArtsBuild, and over 50 local partners.

What's next for the Chattanooga Music Census?

The data is in and we are excited to share the results with the Chattanooga community!

Over the next few months, the Chattanooga Tourism Co., Artsbuild, City of Chattanooga, and Sound Music Cities will continue to work collaboratively with our music community. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this data being collected?

Music community leaders here in Chattanooga and around the world have identified the importance of having measurable information about people who do music related work to provide them with better support. The results of this census will be made available to the thousands of music industry professionals, nonprofits, and government agencies in our area, as well as to the countless music patrons and consumers who are the lifeblood of our music ecosystem. 

What kind of questions are being asked?

The census asks questions specific to the realities of music workers, including general information about their demographics and occupation types as well as their perspective on issues such as diversity, equity, and belonging. There are no questions in this census about personal or business income.

I value my privacy. Will the answers I provide really remain anonymous?

Yes. The census does not collect any personal identifiers or IP addresses. Any individual responses highlighted in the published results will be attributed as “Census Respondent.”

How long will it take to fill out the census?

From 10-20 minutes, depending on your respondent category. (Creative, Venue owner, or Industry) and whether you type in lengthy comments. 13 minutes is the average time spent on the census.

Who is eligible to participate in the census?

Those working in the music industry in ANY capacity who are 18 years or older and living in the Chattanooga MSA. (Hamilton, Marion, and Sequatchie counties and Catoosa, Dade, and Walker counties from NW Georgia)

I’m not sure that I qualify as a professional. Should I still participate?

You should participate in the census if you contribute any type of music-related work, with or without compensation, and you believe your skills and commitment are worthy of acknowledgment and support. This includes part-time work, rarely paid work or volunteer work, and work that is more administrative than creative.

How do I fill out the census if I have two different jobs in music, or own two or more music businesses?

To keep the data analysis manageable, we must limit the census to one entry per person, which means you must select one primary identity (creative, venue owner, or industry). That said, we know that most music people work in more than one area, so you will also have an opportunity within the census to provide info on work you do in other identity categories.

Do I have to take the census on a desktop computer?

No. You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Note that if you wish to leave and finish your response later, you will need to use the same device.

When will the results be released publicly?

Currently the plans are to release the data through a series of infographics in early 2023.

Chattanooga Music Census


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