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Chattanooga Travel & Tourism Career Opportunities

Chattanooga's travel and tourism industry is bursting with growth and opportunities! As a vital part of our community, the hospitality industry supports 30,000+ jobs and welcomes 15.6 million visitors annually. If you are looking to start your career in Chattanooga's travel and tourism industry, you've come to the right place. Career opportunities range from all levels and in all types of job categories, and come with some pretty great perks! Some would say more advantages than most jobs, and we agree. To give you a slight idea, here are our top three reasons to work in the travel and tourism industry: 

  1. Diverse and Creative Careers – The travel and tourism industry is extremely diverse in its career offerings and is one of the largest job creators. There are thousands of organizations to choose from, including culinary, entertainment, accommodations, transportation, and retail. The travel industry supports some of the most critical and creative thinking positions, unique and highly sought-after positions, and even the more traditional roles, all with high potential for growth. From chefs, accountants, and bike mechanics to hotel managers, sales representatives, and zookeepers, everyone can find their perfect career path in a fun and vibrant environment.  
  2. Meet New People and Make Their Day – The travel and tourism industry is people-driven, making employees the face of the destination. When visitors check into their hotel or purchase tickets at an attraction box office, they interact with industry employees who have the power to influence their experience and make their day. Meeting and serving visitors promotes cultural exchange, encourages growth in pleasant (and sometimes unpleasant) interactions, and better connects them to our community and culture.  The fun, fast-paced atmospheres of the travel industry ensure that no two days or visitors are the same. 
  3. A Powerful and Growing Industry – Travel and tourism is the world's largest and fastest growing industry. It is an essential driver for local businesses and our community. Each year, visitors spend $1.5 billion in our community. Visitor spending is taxed, and those taxes result in each household saving $868 on their property tax bill each year. Visitors bringing new money into our community is imperative to the lifestyle we enjoy and what makes Chattanooga the special place we all know and love.   

Face it, Chattanooga's travel and tourism industry sounds incredible, and this is just the start. Check out our local job openings below and begin your career in Chattanooga's tourism industry today!  

JOB SEEKERS: We are excited to welcome you to the industry! Browse local job openings below.  

PARTNERS: If you have job openings and would like to be added to this list, please email Hannah Hammon.

Chattanooga Tourism Co. Open Positions

Chattanooga Tourism Co. promotes and develops visitor experiences for our community’s economic and social prosperity. Check out our open positions.

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Hospitality is Hiring in Chattanooga


Sonesta Select Chattanooga

  • FULL TIME: Guest Service Agent
  • FT/PT: Room Attendance 

The Edwin Hotel  

  • FULL TIME: Executive Sous Chef, Assistant Restaurant Manager  
  • FT/PT: Barista, Host, Server Assistant  

Common House 

  • FULL TIME: Hotel Room Attendant, Line Cook


Creative Discovery Museum

  • CDM Partner

Food & Beverage 

Cafe 7

  • PART TIME: Line Cook

Clumpies Kitchen

  • FULL TIME: Clumpies & GOOD DOG Inventory Coordinator
  • PART TIME: Clumpies Ice Cream Maker
  • PART TIME: Clumpies Stock & Inventory Partner

Clumpies Southside

  • FULL TIME: Clumpies Senior Team Leader
  • FULL TIME: Clumpies Team Leader

Clumpies St. Elmo

  • FULL TIME: Clumpies Team Leader

Clumpies Southside/Clumpies Northshore/Clumpies St. Elmo

  • PART TIME: Clumpies Partner

Starbucks at Rock City Gardens

  • PART TIME: Starbucks Barista
  • PART TIME: Starbucks Team Leader



  • PART TIME: Rideshare Driver, Delivery Driver 


  • PART TIME: Rideshare Driver  


* Employed by Rock City Gardens who owns this business.
** Employed by Rock City Gardens who manages their retail and concessions.


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