Chattanooga Media Kit

For Members of the Media 

Thank you for your interest in Chattanooga! Fair warning – if you are thinking of planning a press trip, we absolutely refuse to let you feel like a tourist, and if you are looking for story content, you’ve hit the jackpot. Feel free to use our online media kit materials to learn how Chattanooga handcrafts everything, embraces our natural wonders, thrives in the arts, hosts the best events, fills up on delicious cuisine, and more.   

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If you are looking for partnership opportunities while visiting our great city, fill out our Media Assistance Request Form!

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Did You Know?! 

  • Hamilton County is in the Southern part of East Tennessee, and home to over 378K residents. 

  • We welcome 16 million visitors annually; 44,000 daily (includes day trippers and overnight visitors) with 15,400 of those staying overnight in our 11,000 hotel rooms. 

  • Visitors spend $1.6 billion annually; $4.3 million daily.  

  • Top Spending Sectors: Food and Beverage, Transportation, Lodging, Retail, Recreation.  


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Contacting Chattanooga Media

To make it easier to share your news with the media in Chattanooga, we’ve compiled a list of contacts for broadcast, print and online outlets. Find our list here to start sharing your news with media outlets in the Chattanooga area.

If you still need more, contact us directly.

Hannah Hammon
Public Relations Manager
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