Our Corporate Mission

Promote and develop visitor experiences for our community’s economic and social prosperity.

Our Corporation

The Chattanooga Tourism Co. is a non-profit 501(c)4 responsible for promoting tourism in the Chattanooga area.

Our Organizational 2025 Vision

Be the most competitive and innovative destination organization in the nation.

Our Partner Promise

Champion tourism-related economic opportunities for our community

Our Values

  • Collaboration

  • Unwavering Integrity

  • Vision

  • Accountability

Visitors Economic Impact

  • Total Annual Visitors: 15.6 Million

  • Direct Visitor Spending: $1.1 Billion

  • Tourism Jobs in Hamilton County: 30,500

  • Tax Saved: Each household pays $660 less in local and state taxes

  • Taxes Created: $90 Million in state and local sales taxes

  • Portion for Our Schools: $12.5 Million

Source: Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

Made Possible By

Our business partners, especially the Hamilton County Commissioners and Mayor, ongoing investment in improving our community’s economic and social prosperity through tourism.

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