Coming to Chattanooga for your next event? We are more than excited to have you! In fact, we want to introduce you to some of our fabulous locals who hand-make some great products you could use to welcome your guests to the Scenic City!  

Chattanooga Welcome box for RCMA

The Hot Chocolatier  


Brandon and Wendy Buckner, founders of The Hot Chocolatier sit at a table with some of their treats


Wendy and Brandon Buckner founded Hot Chocolatier in 2008 with high hopes of sharing what they learned and tasted while perfecting their craft abroad. The couple’s mission is to provide high-quality chocolates, confections, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and interesting flavor combinations to their hometown- Chattanooga. We put some of their delicious dark chocolate almond bark in our example box, but they have so many different options to choose from!  

The Local Juicery 


Luis Conteras, Gisela Bellina and family inside their store, The Local Juice


Luis Contreras and Gisela Bellina offer fresh and healthy juices, smoothies, bowls, and snacks at The Local Juicery. As immigrants, the couple seeks to provide a welcoming atmosphere to anybody and everybody no matter what shape, size, color, sexuality, or nationality you are.  We threw some of their yummy trail mix in our box!  

Cocoa Asante


Ella Livingston, Cocoa Asante


Ella Livingston is a Ghanaian-American whose mission is to share her homeland’s amazing chocolates with the world. Her hand-crafted bonbons and chocolate bars have been some of Chattanooga’s best since the founding of Cocoa Asante in 2018. Ella’s family has been a part of the cocoa industry for generations, and with her shop, she continues this tradition while expanding it into her own dream. We put a set of her gorgeous bonbons in our box, but you couldn’t go wrong with putting in any of her creations in your welcome gifts.  

Alchemy Spice Co.  


John and Henry Oehmig, Alchemy Spice Co.


Brothers John and Henry Oehmig have been handcrafting artisan spice blends in Chattanooga since 2003. Their craft seasonings at Alchemy Spice Co. transform everyday cooking into delightful food experiences. We put the Scenic City Grilling Pepper in our box, but there are countless spice blends, infused oils, and gourmet salts to customize your welcome gifts with.  

Divine Purity  


Cassandra Tucker, Divine Purity


Cassandra Tucker founded Divine Purity in 2012 with the goal to create products that help heal people on the inside and outside. She incorporates mindfulness and intent through each step of her creations, introducing healing essential oils and fragrances into every product at Divine Purity. We’ve included an Opening Shower Steamer and Truth Serum Lip Balm however Cassandra has a wide range of body care products, candles, incense, room and body mists, and shower aromatherapy products. She truly creates something for everyone!  

Hoff and Pepper


Aaron and Michelle Hoffman, Hoff Sauce


Aaron and Michelle Hoffman have turned a small hot sauce operation into an award-winning business. Hoff and Pepper's line of artisanal sauces are the perfect addition to almost anything on your plate. With a wide range of spice levels and different bottle sizes (including travel sizes that are perfect for welcome boxes or bags) their sauce is a perfect addition for your more adventurous guests.

More Ideas for You 


This Chattanooga staple treat has been made here in the Scenic City since 1917! With many flavors and sizes, we think MoonPie a great addition to any welcome gift.  

Chattanooga Whiskey Company  

Tim Piersant and Joe Ledbetter founded Chattanooga Whiskey in 2011 and together they changed centuries-old distilling laws. In 2015 they released the first whiskey distilled in Chattanooga in 100 years, and now they own and operate two distilleries and an event space. Delicious whiskey with a fascinating history? Sign us up. Chattanooga Whiskey comes highly recommended for your welcome gifts! 

Mad Priest Coffee Roasters  

Michael and Cherita Rice started Mad Priest Coffee Roasters as a small-batch specialty coffee roasting company in 2015 with a mission to “Craft excellent coffee. Educate the curious. Champion the displaced.” The couple owns and operates a roastery and two retail locations right here in Chattanooga.