Coming together in a new city is exciting, and a great opportunity to build each other up and learn new skills. While you’re here, you probably want to make an impact and give back to the city and community hosting your fantastic event! Well, we’ve got a ton of community outreach opportunities in need of donations or volunteers.  

Chattanooga Community Kitchen 

The Chattanooga Community Kitchen is run by the CHATT Foundation and has been around for 40 years! Their goal is to provide food for anyone no matter their background, race, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation without fear of being turned away.  They want to feed the hungry and help anyone who comes to their door. They accept donations, including your leftovers from the convention center, and they always need people to help serve their patrons' food.  

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization dedicated to ensuring that every child has a bed to sleep on at night. You can sponsor and participate in a build day where you and other volunteers can make the beds for the children who need them! Small teams can also deliver the beds to homes, or you can do a Bedding Drive to make sure every child has a pillow, sheets, and a comforter to keep them warm.  

Chambliss Center for Children

The Chambliss Center for Children provides early childhood education and childcare services for low-income, at-risk children. They also help children in foster care and help kids who have aged out of foster care with transitional living. They are always in need of help around their 17-acre center whether it is painting, gardening, or general maintenance. You can also give a donation or donate items off their wish lists like cleaning supplies, toys, and craft supplies.  

Ronald McDonald House of Greater Chattanooga

The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Chattanooga provides families with the care and resources they need when their child is sick and supports programs and services that directly improve the health and well-being of children. The RMHC has so many opportunities for volunteers! You can volunteer in the house and focus on supporting and greeting families or at the family room in the Children’s Hospital you can check on families, replenish snacks, and help people register at the front desk. Larger groups can volunteer in the Adopt-a-Meal program, in this program volunteers cook and serve an evening meal for the families at the RMHC (which can be up to 60 people). There are also dinner host volunteers, kitchen refresher volunteers, and special event volunteers.  

Chattanooga Area Food Bank

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank works towards ending hunger in the Scenic City and surrounding areas. They do accept volunteer groups to make food boxes at their warehouse, but you can also host a food drive! 

More Ideas For You

Read 20

Read 20 is a local organization dedicated to creating a community of readers by promoting the importance of reading with children for at least 20 minutes a day. They constantly need book donations and volunteers to help them sort the library or read to children.  

Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

The Kidney Foundation is a completely local organization that provides transportation to and from dialysis, care packages for patients with kidney issues, and money for medical bills. They have volunteer and donation opportunities.

McKamey Animal Center

McKamey Animal Center’s goal is to eliminate animal overpopulation, cruelty, and neglect by creating a culture of compassionate care, community engagement, and advocacy for animals by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. They are always in need of volunteers for a variety of different tasks. 

PawPaw’s Homeless Ministry

PawPaw's Homeless Ministry was started in 2019 by Mike Rice or PawPaw. He does a donation drive twice a year and makes a meal for the local homeless every Thursday. PawPaw is always looking for volunteers to help him cook and serve his patrons.

Hamilton County Teacher’s Depot

The Hamilton County Teacher’s Depot gives Hamilton County teachers who are members of the PTA access to shop twice a year for the supplies they need for their classrooms instead of them having to pay out of pocket for everyday supplies like Clorox wipes, dry-erase markers, paper, and more. They are always in need of donations!