We Love Chattanooga Auction

Thank you for being a part of the We Love Chattanooga Auction

The Chattanooga Tourism Co. would like to thank you for your participation in the We Love Chattanooga Auction. Thank you to our partners River City Company and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and media sponsors for making the auction a great success for the community. Together, we exceeded our goal and raised $45,062.91 for Hamilton County businesses, artists and performers. Through the online store platform, we raised $805 for United Way of Greater Chattanooga’s Restore Hope fund and $1,150 for the Community Foundation and United Way’s Tornado relief fund. The auction was built on love for our community and businesses in Chattanooga. Unity is our greatest strength.


How does payment for my winning bid work?
Winning bidders are sent a notification with a link to their invoice where they can submit payment. Please complete this step quickly so we can get your payment to business owners as quickly as possible. 

How do I receive my item/service?
Please pay extra attention to the item description as some items may be delivery only, some may be pick up only, and some may be a combination. Each business is responsible for contacting you to finalize delivery of the item or scheduled service. They will be in contact with you via email once the auction is over. This will not be immediate, so please be patient as we are contacting sellers to share your information and send them their proceeds. 

What about my Official Chattanooga Auction T-Shirt?
We anticipate having T-shirts ready for pickup and shipping within 30 days as stated in the item description. We will contact you with an update soon. If you have chosen to pick up your shirt, we will contact you directly. 

Important: Please make sure our email address is marked as safe in your spam blocker. The email extensions to mark as safe are: @chattanoogacvb.com and @chattanoogatourism.com. You can always email michelle@chattanoogatourism.com with questions. 

How can I help in other ways?
Even though our auction ended, you can still support Chattanooga artists and businesses. Posted items include a link to each individual or business's website within the description. Please click through and continue to connect and make purchases directly with our partners. They certainly appreciate your support! Support United Way here.

Where did Donation money collected during the Auction go?
All donation funds received will be given to United Way of Greater Chattanooga’s Restore Hope Fund to support our community’s response and resilience efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the fund is to support individuals and households experiencing lost wages or other adverse circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis.  


How does it work? 
To help provide your business with supplemental funds during this challenging time, we’ve created an online auction and storefront for local businesses to sell products, services and gift cards. You’re responsible to coordinate pickup, delivery and shipping with the buyer. 

What was the cost to post an item to the auction site?
The Chattanooga Tourism Co. covered fees to host the online auction, marketing costs and a portion of the processing fees so 100 percent of the proceeds go back to your business. 

How will I get paid?
The quickest way to get your money ideally is an electronic PayPal transfer. Setting up a PayPal account is easy and free. At this time PayPal has reduced their staff due to COVID, and they temporarily flagged us for unusual activity. We are working to get that resolved ASAP. 

Alternatively, we can mail you a check. Anyone requesting payment via check should complete a W-9 form and email the completed form to michelle@chattanoogatourism.com. Please note that this entire process will not be automatic so please be patient.  

Who pays for shipping and sends items to buyers?
Each seller is responsible for all pickup, delivery and shipping of items to recipients. On your submission, you can choose from three shipping options: pick up, provide a shipping amount, or both options for the buyer to choose their preference. Buyers were instructed to review further shipping notes in your item description. 

What about taxes?
Sellers will be responsible for paying taxes on any items sold and should file as usual from your end. 

How will I know who buys my item?
Now that the auction has closed, we are working hard and fast to share that information with you via email. This information is shared one seller at a time so everyone will not be notified at the same time.


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Send an email to info@chattanoogatourism.com.