Chattanooga Story Ideas

From being named the “worst city in the nation for particulate air pollution” in 1969 to becoming the home to the first and only U.S. airport powered by 100% solar energy in 2019 and being named the Best Outdoor City by Outside Magazine twice, Chattanooga has been a place of natural wonders, family fun, and incredible innovative thinking to give us lots of exciting stories to tell. 


Art, Culture & Music

Home to a variety of museums, festivals and art focused community initiatives, Chattanooga offers something for every type of art lover.

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Business / Sports Events

With free WiFi speeds up to 10 gigabit per second citywide - the fastest Internet in the Western Hemisphere - Chattanooga is "connected" to host sporting events, meetings and conventions.

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Chattanooga’s culinary offerings are as diverse as they are delicious. The city’s restaurant scene features a variety of dining options, from four-star restaurant St. John’s to upscale favorites including, Whitebird, STIR, Alleia, Public House, as well as tried-and-true favorites...

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Family Fun

Chattanooga offers an abundance of vacation experiences for all types of families – from outdoor adventure opportunities and easily accessible urban attractions to unique art and culture family friendly experiences.

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Chattanooga continues to benefit from a hotel boom adding to their abundance of lush accommodations for visitors to enjoy.

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Outdoor Adventure

Nicknamed “The Scenic City”, Chattanooga is situated in the Tennessee River Valley surrounded by Lookout Mountain and Raccoon Mountain. Offering everything from adventurous wild caving, hang gliding and bouldering, to soft adventure sports like rowing, paddling, biking and catamaran...

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