Spring in Chattanooga 
Where Road Trip Dreams Come True

Ahhhhhh, Spring! We have all been cooped up for a long time and with the warming spring temps approaching, it’s the perfect season to get outside. Pack up the car and head to Chattanooga for an easy, close-to-home road trip to one of the nation’s most charming river AND mountain cities. 

Where to start? Downtown Chattanooga. The city sits on the banks of the Tennessee River and is surrounded by mountains. And there’s so much to do downtown and all around the city (if you havvvvve to leave your cozy cabin) – exploring neighborhoods, discovering natural wonders, eating some of the South’s best culinary delights and going on a Spring Break Safari and Scavenger Hunt! That should get you started.

There is currently a mask mandate in Chattanooga and our attractions, restaurants, and businesses are working overtime to ensure a clean and safe experience for everyone. We continue to practice social distancing, hand washing and mask-wearing. Please do your part when you visit... for just a little while longer.

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