Hiking in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is one of the country’s premier outdoor destinations starting with the hiking trails that are just a stone's throw away from downtown. (Like that Southern reference?)

Hiked it, Liked it

If you want an urban hike that leads you to unique city views and doesn’t require a walking stick or a signal flare, check out Stringers Ridge in North Chattanooga. Okay fine...you can still bring a signal flare if you really want to.

For all you view junkies out there, Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain is just a .3 mile hike down a trail with the best seat in the house to...yep, you guessed it – the sunset. If you're looking for a trail with views that make you stop and ponder the meaning of life, you need to hike the 5.1-mile out and back trail at Signal Point. You can even stop for a swim in Rainbow Lake, but disclaimer: it is not, in fact, a lake filled with rainbows. 

Chattanooga Hiking and Overlooks Map

Looking for popular trails and breathtaking views convenient to downtown? We've got you covered. 

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