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Local Music Spotlight: Backwater Still

Members: Shannon Dunn (Vocals & Guitar), Terry Crumley (Vocals & Percussion), Chip Ables (Vocals & Guitar), Daniel Fowler (Bass), Brandon Fitzsimmons (Drums). Birthplace: Chattanooga, TN Known for: Three Part Harmonies Genre: Southern Rock Favorite Thing about Chattanooga: "It’s a wonderful place to…

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Live on the Big Nine

Chattanooga is a city made up of many communities. The historic Martin Luther King District, formerly known as the Big Nine is one of the City’s most vibrant places to live, work and play. Today, the "Big Nine" is made up of many exciting organizations, businesses and residents who thrive to bring…

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Dosti Music Project - March 19, 2016

Worlds Come Together at Bessie Smith Cultural Center An initiative of the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, Dosti invites a group of Pakistani, Indian, and U.S. musicians from a wide variety of traditions, ranging from Sufi singing to beatmaking to avant garde jazz, to collaboratively write, record, and…

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Road to Nightfall 2016

Have you got what it takes? The Road to Nightfall is Chattanooga's best local music showcase. Over 30+ bands will compete to headline at this year's Nightfall , a free music series held every Friday night from May-August with thousands of attendees. There will be 5 nights of music at the Granfalloon…

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Local Music Spotlight: The Long Haul

Band: The Long Haul Members: Derrick Dixon (lead vocals and guitar), Savannah Roberts (lead and backup vocals), Jono Webb (drums) Birthplace: Cleveland, TN Known for: Seasoned instrumentation, passionate lyrics, and masterful harmonies that together create a truly unique style of musical…

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