Chattanooga is to rock climbing what Vail is to skiing. The amount of sandstone in this region is not only vast but of stellar quality, attracting climbers from around the world.  

To Summit All Up

We don’t mean to brag, but our Southern sandstone is some of the best in the country. In addition to year-round access, we also have some of the best amenities for traveling rock climbers. Literally hundreds of routes exist within a 45-minute drive from downtown, with most climbers opting to stay in the heart of the city to take advantage of restaurants and tourist attractions on days off.  

It would take years to explore all the climbing the area has to offer, but only a short drive from downtown Chattanooga, you'll find one of the best boulder fields in the entire country: Stone Fort. Or just a short drive heading northwest out of Chattanooga—right along the Tennessee River—sits a fiery orange and magnificent sandstone cliff line called the Tennessee Wall or T-Wall by the locals. Or you could give the “crown jewel” of southern sandstone climbing at shot at Sunset Park.

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