Chattanooga is a year-round destination for the southeast. Spring Break Safari kicks off the year with an amazing city-wide family-friendly celebration. Summertime is when the fun really gets going with waterparks, fountains, and getting out on the river. Fall is festival time with some of the south’s biggest and best celebrations. And the year ends in a celebration of lights for the holidays!


There’s so much to do downtown and all around the city this spring – exploring neighborhoods, discovering natural wonders, eating some of the South’s best culinary delights, and going on a Spring Break Safari and Scavenger Hunt! 

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This summer, experience the city like a local and create lasting memories with Chattanooga's Summer PLAYlist. All summer long, the Scenic City will be filled with sounds from soulful beats by Rick Rushing at Riverbend, leaves crushing under your feet on a hike at Stringer's Ridge, laughter...

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This Fall, explore Chattanooga’s colors and paint your perfect picture! The autumn season in Chattanooga is filled with spectacular color displays, wondrous natural assets, lively festivals, and neighborhoods bursting with outdoor fun and thrilling activities. 

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Without warning, or so we tell ourselves, the holidays tend to sneak up on us. They bring parties, cheery drinks, lots of shopping, scrumptious cuisine, and traveling. Amidst the chaos, it’s important to reflect and take time to enjoy the season with family and friends.

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