Coffee Shops in Chattanooga

We handcraft everything in Chattanooga, and that includes your morning cup of joe from our coffee shops. Just like you, our adventuring is powered by a roasting hot cup of coffee. If you’re a don’t-talk-to-me-until-I've-had-coffee-traveler, that’s okay! We’ve got your fix. Want to wake up with nature? Try Sleepyhead Coffee, where the succulents and giant potted plants are as plentiful as the coffee beans. From pour-overs to espresso, Sleepyhead will gently wake you for your day of exploring ahead.

For a lush European escape above the Tennessee River, head to charming Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop in the Bluff View Art District. Other local coffee favorites include Mean Mug Coffeehouse (fresh cinnamon rolls as big as your head! Not kidding.) and Milk & Honey, serving delicious coffee, brunch, and gelato (You can totally have ice cream for breakfast in Chattanooga. Bonus if it’s coffee gelato!).