Local Restaurants in Chattanooga

Local beer. Local bread. Local cheese. Local wine. Local chocolate. Oh? You get it? We love local here in Chattanooga.

Whatever it is you’re searching for, our advice? Support local! 

Try coffee from Mad Priest or Velo, bread from Niedlov’s or Bluff View Bakery, chocolate from the Hot Chocolatier or Cocoa Asante, and cheese from nearby Sequatchie Cove Creamery (find it at Bleu Fox cheese shop or restaurants throughout town.)

In the evening? Sample beer from one of our 11 local breweries, whiskey from Chattanooga Whiskey (fun fact: they were so gung-ho to distill locally that they had to change 100-year-old prohibition laws), or a variety of other spirits from Gate 11.

And on your way out? Take a piece of Chattanooga with you—stop by Locals Only Gifts for well…local gifts.

Whew. You didn’t know you were going to be so busy, did you?